August 1, 2012

How See Plot Style and Lineweights in AutoCAD

Drawing View - Showing Plot Style and Lineweights

The best way to check lineweights and double check your drawing is to set up your paperspace to show your plot style on a white background. To set this up will only take you a few minutes.

1. When your drawing sheet has a white background, the only way to show how your plotstyle will look in paperspace is to to the page setup manager. You can do this either by right clicking on the tab at the bottom with the page name and selecting page setup manager. Another option is to go to File and select page setup manager.
File > Page Setup Manager

Two options to open the Page Setup Manager (File > Page Setup Manager or right click page tab > Page Setup Manager)

2. In the Page Setup Manager window, the page will be automatically selected and hit modify. This is where you setup the page size and plot style. To see your plot style on the paper space tab, check the box next to display plot styles. If you can't see that part of the window, click on the left arrow to display. Once you complete the steps, click OK then Close.
Select page > Modify >  display plot styles

Show plot styles in paper space (show plot styles)

The drawing will then update itself with the plot style you selected and you will see your line weights. Objects on the defpoints layer will show up in black, but will disappear when you print so don't worry about it. Now your paperspace will look like the picture below. Make sure the button at the bottom show line weights is selected, so you can see your line weights. Now you do not have to plot preview anymore and it should save you some time. Before I do any final prints, I will usually go to the plot preview for a final check, mainly to be sure I didn't leave anything important on the defpoints layer, a layer set to not plot, or a layer that is turned off.

Now the drawing shows your plot style (make sure show lineweights at bottom is clicked)

More on Lineweights and Plot Styles

To read more about how to set up lineweights in AutoCAD, see my other Tutorial: Setting up AutoCAD Lineweights.

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