November 13, 2012

Architectural Rendering: Using Scale People

When adding people to an architectural render it is important to keep them in scale so everything about the render looks correct. So how do I keep them in scale and where do I find people to add?

In AutoCAD

The first way is to add people into your AutoCAD drawing before you import them into Photoshop. This is the simplest way to keep people to scale. There are free CAD blocks online with people that you can add to your building drawings. The blocks are generally not too well defined and you can't manipulate the people too much in Photoshop once imported along with your building drawing. If you are doing quick renderings, keeping people in your imported drawing would help you save a bit of time.

November 11, 2012

AutoCAD: Menubar

Even after they created the ribbon in AutoCAD, sometimes the best way to work with CAD is to use the menubar. To show or hide the menubar is quite simple. Type in the command MENUBAR and hit enter or the spacebar. Then it will prompt you to enter a new value for the MENUBAR. Entering 0 will hide the menubar and 1 will show the menubar.

Command: MENUBAR  hit enter or spacebar
Option 0 : will hide the menubar
Option 1: will show the menubar

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November 7, 2012

Design Help: Dimensions and Colors

I found these links while doing research for studio and I thought they were worth sharing. The following links outline standard closet dimensions, general home and office dimensions like chair and railing heights as well as RGB color codes while working in Photoshop or Indesign.

Closet Dimensions
Standard Dimensions - This link is broken, hopefully only due to website maintenance
RGB Color Codes