Useful Websites

Design Inspiration

Social Media

File Sharing - Good for Group Projects and backups

Organizational Tools

Assessment and Demographic Information - Federal Census Bureau Homepage - Information on Cities, Towns & Communities - Demographic and Economic Stats by City/Town*

Boston information
The Boston Redevelopment Authority - Boston's Planning and Economic Development Agency. Sources for maps, drawings, etc. - The Boston Atlas from the BRA - Greater Boston info only, assessment and service information - state wide information - Oliver

Climate Design

Astrum Solar Calculator Lets you see the finances around solar panel installation using some site conditions and location in the calculations
University of Oregon Polar sun path chart program - Lets you create a sun path diagram for your building's latitude
SkyCalc - Skylight Design Tool 
Sustainable by Design Tools - Sun Angle, Sun Position, and Solar Path. They also have tools for window design such as window overhangs, louver shading and window heat gain tools.

Free Images to help you Render Website with free people silhouettes A website with free pictures and textures to help you rendering Free pictures, sketchup models and tutorials
NOAA Solar Calendar - Find Sunrise, Sunset, Solar Noon and Solar Position for Any Place on Earth
Energy Design Resources - Guide to energy efficient design practices

Lighting Websites - Lighting fixtures and schedule

Andersen Windows lets you download plan and elevations of windows through the web.

Places to find free CAD files to supplement your drawings. - Site domain for sale, discontinued? - Metal Hanger Drawings

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