March 7, 2012

Photoshop: Sponge Filter

The sponge filter is a handy tool within the sketch filter option. One may create a simple diagram or overlay textural colors over a CAD Plan instead of rendering one, or process a Photoshop Layer to create a more interesting rendering.


Just remember that in order to keep the key, copy the key to a new layer so that it stays crisp. Apply the sponge filter, mess around with the settings until you like it. I tend to keep and save the psd file and use the save as command to export a png of the picture with filter. That way if you ever go back to it and redo it for any reason, it is much quicker.

I use this filter constantly when I render in Photoshop. Using a sponge filter and messing with the transparency can help create a much more pleasant diagram, muting harsh colors. Recently I have used the sponge filter to make a solid color to appear like a watercolor or marker wash. Highly recommended for diagrams and site plans.

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